Aura of Darkness is a skill in the Hell Fire skill tree of the Mage class.

Skill Description: Create an aura of darkness around the target to inflict x% of the magic attack. In addition, curse the enemy for y seconds for 95%.
Required job: First Job
Required points: 5 points in Hell Fire
Skill type: Attack Skill
Attribute: Darkness
Attack type: Normal
Cool time: 1 seconds
MP Usage: 6 MP
Target: Monster
LevelBase Damage (x)Curse Time (y)
1 130%12s
2 135%15s
3 140%18s
4 145%21s
5 150%24s

The damage from the curse effect lasts long and deals more damage than burning from Fire of Earth. Although the initial hit is weak, this spell is the only means of cursing for a long while (Witch's Curse being the next skill).

The DOT damages the enemy every 2 seconds, each time damages around 55% of max magic attack. (I did not max Amplify Darkness Damage, therefore the DOT damage rate will surely increases if that passive is maxed)

Updated by MHellFire, 6 October 2010