Listed below are the skills of the Warrior's Berserker skill tree. The numbers in brackets are the number of points in the tree needed before you unlock that skill. Anything at 20 or over means it's a second job skill, and anything at 40 or over means it's a third job skill.

(Draco's Tip: use an MP necklace when you are at a higher level as it helps when fighting bosses and tougher monsters, being able to use more skills, both attack and self buffs, before you need to rest or use a potion)

Attack Skills / DebuffsEdit

Buffs / Passive SkillsEdit

Howl of Stamina (5)
Party Howl of Stamina (15)
Enhanced Concentration Witcheryer (20)
Featherlike Movement (20)
Enhanced Regenerative Witcheryer (30)
Surprising Regenerative Witcheryer (35)
Fast Hide (35)
Quiet Footstep (40)
Disguise Mastery (45)
Secret Trap (50)
Hide Extension Mastery (40)
Critical Strike (50)