Burning is a skill in the Hell Fire skill tree of the Mage class.

Skill Description: Burn the enemy by the strong power of the fire for 15 seconds. It can be used with other fire skills or curses at the same time.
Required job: Second Job
Required points: 25 points in Hell Fire
Skill type: Support Skill
Attribute: Fire
Cool time: 8 seconds
MP Usage: 15 MP
Target: Monster

Most skip Fire of Earth in lieu of this skill later on. The MP consumption is, however, a little higher than what a Hell Fire would be used to. A very fast cast that can be threaded between your Aura of Darkness and Fire Bullet most effectively.

The DOT damages the enemy every 0.5 second, each time dealing about 12.5% of max magic, so it deals 25% max magic each second. The fact that it stacks with Fire of Earth/Ocean of Fire making it a powerful skill to have.

Updated by MHellFire, 6 October 2010