Among archers, a nuker has outstanding instant damage skills. Regarding its ability. Crossbow Archer is lower than a Bow archer. However, if a user has to kill a monster in 30 seconds, Crossbow Archer is the best among archers. Because of archers’ moving speed buff and wider range to kill a monster, archer have advantage over warriors in these conditions.

Crossbow archer got a wide variety of attack skills. Their buffs are focused to stun or poison the enemy. Also the Crossbow archer has an unique skill to intimidate the enemy. Crossbow archer get his skills mainly of the Archer's Assault skill tree.

1st promotion Edit

Triple Shot

Delayed Arrow

Reflex Training

Third Eye

Bloody Arrow

Hawk Eye

Stun Mastery

Wind Walk

Agility Training

Party`s Third Eye

Surprise Attack

Crossbow Mastery

Enhance Critical Strike

Party Wind Walk

2nd promotion Edit

Stun Shot



Step Back

Magical Immune Shield


Reduce Mana

Flash Bomb

Party Agility

Fast Movement

3th promotion Edit

Steal Life

Poison Arrow

Fast Movement Training


Archer`s Assault

Party Bravery

Dragon Slayer