Also called Burst Mage.

I will show the skills and notes and why should you do this. For Burst Damagers only. (Notes: This guide is currently up to a certain Level, you will know when I will stop. And It will be edited in the near future with pictures.)

In this build, you are gonna focus on the Hell Fire 1st Job buffs rather than the utility buffs of Heavenly Light. So be warned aspiring Bursters. And I will speak in BOLD TEXT

Lv 5: 4 Storm of Destruction (Total of 4 HL Points)

Notes: Have a spear handy if you run out of mp, a lv 5 spear that is dropped by Gray Duckwrench will do.

Why: If you run out of MP due to SoD, having a backup melee weapon will help you in levelling quickly.

Lv 6: 1 Storm of Destruction, 1 Staff Mastery (5 HL Points, 1 HF Point)

Notes: Still keep the Lv 5 Spear.

Why: Even you maxed out SoD, which is only a few percent higher than a Lv 1 Lightning, You're still weak without maxxing Staff Mastery.

Lv 7-8: Pour all 4 points to Staff Mastery (Total of 5 HF Points)

Notes: You can either keep the Spear(1) or Sell it(2) or buy lots of MP potions (3)


Option 1: If you dont have enough gold to buy potions, you can still keep the spear for mid-battle

Option 2: Having the maxxed out Staff Mastery is strong itself, You can dish out more than 100 damage points to a monster. So you can sell it for a small but helpful sum of money

Option 3: FOR THE RICH GUYS ONLY. Sell your useless spear now, and buys tons of potions if you're a spendy nuthead. XD.

Lv 9: 1 Eagle Eye and 1 Enlightenment: (Total of 7 HF Pts.)

Notes: Regen is a must for people who are racking up their money for level 10 rare trade items.

Why: If you are planning to yearn some gold for some cheap rares at the trade shop, I suggest save money and sell all useless (except yellow and pink named equipment) to the armor/sowel/misc. shop.

Lv 10: 2 Enlightenment: (Total of 9 HF Pts.)

Notes: None.

Fate Averruncus: Okay, so you collected around 20k by now if you are good enough and wise enough not to duke your cash on the Lv 5 rares. So, let me help you with a little guide on how to buy the best equipment with cheapness:

Rule No. 1 Always know the prices Knowing the price of a item you desire will create a huge help on sifting for the extra items.

Rule No. 2 Know the status of equipment Its self explenatory really. The important pieces of this rule are the following bonuses:

Light Attribute Max MP Max HP

Rule No. 3 Stay sharp and memorize the prices This is conjunctional to Rule 1, the cheapest and the most effective items are nice.

Rule No. 4 BARGAIN!!!

Yeah, some people sell their super rare 'purple' staffs like Half-Elf's Curse, for around 5,000 gold (Yeah, I bought one around that price), So make sure if that Purple named equip is the cheapest and strongest, BUY AT WILL!

Level 10: 1 Enlightenment, 1 Mental Witcheyer Infusion (Total of 11 HF Pts)

Level 11-12: 4 Mental Witcheyer Infusion (Total of 15 Pts)

Notes: None, but watch the MP, Use MP potions sparingly, only use it if you run out of MP during battle.

Why: We dont wanna waste our money for overusing our potions and thats a fact. So as soon you finish a battle, regen, and go for another one, and with the help of a Master Lv. Mental Witcheyer Infusion, MP usage will be less, since your SoD will be stronger than ever.

Lv 13-15: 5 Amplify Climate Damage (Total of 10 HL Points wow, thats fast catchup)

Notes: None.

Why: Having Amplify Climate Damage also boosts your SoD attack power, with conjunction of Staff Mastery, you will have a total of 30% Magic boost, thus, making it more deadlier.

Lv 16: 2 Protection of Holy Light (Total of 17 HL Points)

Notes: You're doing well on the path of the Burster.

Why: Having lesser Threat Ratio means safer to fight.

Lv 17: 1 Resurrection, 1 Heal (Total of 19 HL)

Notes: You can go to QP now with a party and less rate of dying.

Why: Resu Mages are pretty rare in an Instant Dungeon, having the likes of you will be popular in these.

Lv 18-19: 4 Heal (Total of 23 HL Points)

Notes: Heal is essential in the later part, but in the lesser levels, be sure to rack up a minimum of 40 HP Potions, it just spends 3k Gold.

Why: Self explenatory.

Lv 20-21: Intermediate Healing (Total of 25 HL Points)

Notes: Can combo magic with Heal.

Why: Self Explenatory

Lv 22-24: Save All Points(1), or spend it on Lightning(2), or Spend it on Flooded Land's HP Buff(3)


Option 1: Saving up points for the 2nd job Heaven's Light tier will be helpful to say the least. Since you can collect enough Skill Funds for Thunder Bomb, which is basicall stronger than Lightning itself.

Option 2: If you dont have any Instant Cast skill, Lightning will be your friend, although be warned that the MP expenditure is quite high.

Option 3: This in my opinion is 2nd to the best out of 3 options (with Option 1 the best of all), because if you lack HP for battle, you can rack it up to increase chances of surviving by 30 percent, and heck, 30 percent is a huge comeback for the Burst Mage.

Now. Get to 2nd Job and you'll be able to get Thunder Bomb.

As soon you are 2nd Job: Max out Thunder Bomb

Why: This will help you in all times, regardless of the 20MP/Cast, its strong, explosive power can be the best of all Burst Mage skills in the 2nd Job.

We stop there now, next update will be... Honestly I dont know, I need to read the skills more, so I have to stop at Thunder Bomb. Anyone who is a Burst Mage is enable to continue this guide.

Thank you to the one who created a shortcut link for me! ^_^!!