Fire Bullet is a skill in the Hell Fire skill tree of the Mage class.

Skill Description: Attack your enemy with a powerful fireball to inflict x% of your magic attack. Inflict additional y% of damage when the enemy is burned or cursed.
Required job: First Job
Required points: 0 points in Hell Fire
Skill type: Attack Skill
Attribute: Fire
Attack type: Normal
Cool time: 1 seconds
MP Usage: 5 MP
Target: Monster
LevelBase Damage (x)Additional Damage (y)
1 155%10%
2 170%20%
3 185%30%
4 200%40%
5 215%50%

Very mana efficient, though the damage is lacking compared to other basic attack skills in different trees. As a Hell Fire mage, this will be your primary single-target attack. Be sure to use Aura of Darkness AND Fire of Earth \ Burning first to receive the damage boost.

There seems to be some uncertainty to the +50% damage from debuffs. It could be due to an improperly translated tool-tip, but FB damage definitely adds +50% from both fire and curse debuffs. (cumulative)

The additional damage applies for the skill damage, not magic attack, therefore 215 + 100% = 430% damage

Opener: AoD , Burning , Fire Bullet

Updated by MHellFire, 6 October 2010