Listed below are the skills of the Mage's Heavenly Light skill tree. The numbers in brackets are the number of points in the tree needed before you unlock that skill. Anything at 20 or over means it's a second job skill, and anything at 40 or over means it's a third job skill.

Healing Related SpellsEdit

Enhanced Party Energy Enhanced Party Energy (1/10)
Intermediate Healing Low Level Healing Research (2/15)
Advanced Healing High Level Healing (2/30)
No Image High Level Healing Research (2/45)
No Image Party Healing Spell (1/50)
No Image Healing Light (3/55)(Requires Fast Healing Focused Research)
Party Resurrect Party Resurrect (1/10)
Blessed Resurrection Blessed Resurrection (2/35)
No Image Recovery research (2/25)
No Image Recovery focused research (2/45)
No Image Sublimation (2/50)
No Image Party Dispel (1/20)
No Image Fast Healing Research (2/35)
No Image Fast Healing Focused Research (2/55)
No Image Healing Light (3/55) (Requires Party Healing Spell)
No Image Party Elemental Barrier (1/40)

Damage Related SpellsEdit