A mage is one of the three character classes a player can choose once they reach Level 5 in ASDA Story and Level 10 in ASDA Story 2. Mages are versatile in terms of skill building, and can range from full support, who is focused on buffing and healing, to damage dealing, which can vary in itself from damage over time or burst damage. Their stats are built to have high amounts of Intelligence and Energy.

Job ChangeEdit

  • At level 10, head to Wizard Fhashu in Alpen and attain the job change quest.
  • Head to Low Hill at Alpen Field and kill a Duckwrench of Justice alone. (Side note: Whoever wrote the first part of this point wasnt completely informed... For instance it still counts as a quest completion if you hit it first, and a second fighter jumps in after... I found this out through experimentation and its indeed possible to use this to your advantage)
  • Return to Wizard Flashu in Alpen and you can get a novice staff, 400 gold, experience and two skill points

Second JobEdit

  • When you are at level 30, you can talk to Chmella, the mage in Silaris, to get a second job change. She is located in town.
  • She will first ask you to click on the tombstone on Observe Hill. (There are no monsters there so bring about 2 potions for life.) When you click on it, head back to Chmella.
  • She will ask you to collect 10 Skull Necklaces from StampBreakers which isn't very hard. When you return to her, she will say you are now an "Elementalist."

Skill TreesEdit

Hell Fire - This tree focuses on damage over time and status effects. It also contains support skills that augment a mage's damage potential. In terms of attacking, it is the most efficient in damage to MP ratio.

Heavenly Light - This tree contains recovery spells, in addition to the most powerful damage magic. It requires a great amount of MP.

Flooded Land - This tree has several buffing skills used to increase other player's abilities, as well as their own. It also has enfeebling attack spells.

4th Job- This tree becomes available after completing the 4th job quest at level 60, all skill points earned from level 60 onwards can only be placed into this tree.


Pure Hell Fire (Damage dealing and Self-buff)Edit

Pure Hell Fires have powerful damage potential, but their immediate damage is incomparable to every other attacker in existence. In battles that last longer than ten seconds (give or take), a pure Hell Fire will take the stage as the strongest attacker, but seldom does a battle last so long. However, this does make them ideal in boss-enemy encounters, field or in instanced dungeons. They also hold Area of Effect spells, which helps against Gang type enemies, who always travel in packs of three.

Pure Heaven Light (Healer, buffer and Damage dealing)Edit

Heaven Light tree is one of the 'weirdest' tree in the game: it includes some of the most powerful (and most mp-consuming) skills, all the healing skills and some buff skills. This makes them extremely versatile: a pure light mage can solo easily with their sustainability and attacking potential. However, pure light mages will surely miss some of the best buffs in flooded land; and worst of all, the cost of MP potions can add up.

Pure Flooded Land (Buffer and Damage dealing)Edit


FloodedLandMage, attacking with a Fire Spell, protected by a Shield Spell.

In terms of damage dealing, flooded land is the worst of the three 'pureblood' mages. In terms of buffing, it is the best: 60% of the buff skills are those of flooded land. But even with these buffs, a land mage cannot solo very efficiently except with the hit-and-run tactics: unless you are willing to toss in billions to train.

Fire major/Light minor HybridEdit

A fire/light hybrid combines the best of the two elements: healing and attacking, which makes them one of the most threatening mage class to be. They can be some of the best soloers for they can destroy large amounts of enemies and heal themselves as well as party members.

Light major/Fire minor HybridEdit

As opposed to the above build, this aims to be the most powerful burst attacker for a mage. It takes the power of the Heavenly Light's attack spells and combines it with the damage amplifiers of the Hell Fire tree. This particular strategy plays strong relatively quickly, as Staff Mastery, Storm of Destruction and Lightning are available straight off.

Light major/Land minor HybridEdit

This build sacrifices all soloing ability in order to play as the most wanted party member. Using the healing from the Heavenly Light tree and the several buffs of the Flooded Land, they are Asda Story's Full Support characters. The build is generally unable to perform decently when working alone, as for the most part, the only weapon is the staff.



Mages specialize in staffs and wands.



Mages should look into sowels that increase Intelligence and Magic Attack. Energy should be a secondary investment.