Meteor is a skill in the Hell Fire skill tree of the Mage class.

Skill Description: Summon a giant meteor from the sky to inflict x% splash damage on the enemies near you. If enemies are under the fire, additional y% of damage will be caused.
Required job: Second Job
Required points: 20 points in Hell Fire
Skill type: Attack Skill
Attribute: Fire
Attack type: Splash
Cool time: 1 seconds
MP Usage: 36 MP
Target: Monster
LevelBase Damage (x)Additional Damage (y)
1 245%4%
2 270%8%
3 295%12%
4 320%16%
5 345%20%

Does quite a lot of splash damage, especially if everything's on fire. Works well with Ocean of Fire, but it's worth using as a single target spell, mana permitting. One of the strongest spells there is, due to the fact this is spammable.

  • Early AoE on group pulls in elite maps is not recommended. Works quite well AoE farming non-elite mobs.

Updated by MHellFire, 6 October 2010