This is one of the high level spells that advanced sorcerers use to preserve a player's soul so that the player can be resurrected on the spot when he/she dies with a 10% chance of HP and MP

Cooldown: 1200 Seconds

MP Use: 15 MP

Requirements: 35 Points in Heavenly Light

Total Skill Points: [1/1]

Although not stated by the in-game tool tip, Preserve Soul was intended for use while running instances (Castle of Chess, Queen's Palace,Distorted Queen's Palace, and Distorted Castle of Chess). In the case of a full group wipe, a Mage can cast this on one of the party members in the group, or themselves so that the group can revive on the spot and continue with the instance without having to face possible re-spawns. This however has no effect outside of instances and is instead treated like a town revive.

Also, like a normal revive, this spell does not stop the loss of xp that a player receives through death.