Storm of Destruction
Storm of Destruction is a skill in the Heavenly Light skill tree of the Mage class.
Skill Description: Cause a powerful storm to inflict x% of the magic attack on your enemy.
Required job: First Job
Required points: 0 points in Heavenly Light
Skill type: Attack Skill
Attribute: Climate
Attack type: Normal
Cool time: 1 seconds
MP Usage: 13 MP
Target: Monster
LevelBase Damage (x)
1 209%
2 230%
3 251%
4 272%
5 293%

Useful spell for any HL mage. The drawback is that it uses a lot of mana, more than all the other spammable spells. However, this is the second strongest spammable spell, after Earthquake, and it also advances you up the HL tree.