Summon Demon is a skill in the Hell Fire skill tree of the Mage class.

Skill Description: Summon the demons from hell to inflict for x% of the magic attack. When enemy is on fire, damage additionally for y%, and when it's cursed, damage for z%
Required job: Second Job
Required points: 20 points in Hell Fire
Skill type: Attack Skill
Attribute: Darkness
Attack type: Normal
Cool time: 12 seconds
MP Usage: 6 MP
Target: Monster
LevelBase Damage (x)Plus on Fire (y)Plus on Curse (z)
1 148%20%10%
2 166%40%20%
3 184%60%30%
4 202%80%40%
5 220%100%50%

Has a far higher damage potential than Fire Bullet, unfortunately, due to the cool down, it cannot serve as its replacement. Never use this spell if the enemy does not have a curse or burn ailment, as it does lower damage than a Fire Bullet.

This spell knocks down the enemy, making it useful for delaying the enemy as it come towards you. It also has an instant cast like Lightning. For some reason this spell won't work on players in PVP.

220 + 150% = 550% magic damage.

Updated by MHellFire, 6 October 2010