Attack your enemy with a giant energy ball to inflict x% of the magic attack. Inflict additional damage y% of the enemy's HP left.

Cooldown: 35 Seconds

MP Use: 32 MP

Requirements: 40 Points in Heavenly Light

The strongest single target spell, made even better against bosses. Not only does it do lots of damage, it deals additional damage as well as a percentage of the amount of HP the target has, which makes this one of the best spells there is. The additonal effect can only be applied to a monster once, as after it's used, the monster becomes immune to death blows. Also, this skill lowers the amount of experience point given when the monster is killed, as the additional effect doesn't count as attack damage.

Level Effect Additional effect
1 322% 4%
2 354% 8%
3 386% 12%
4 418% 16%
5 450% 20%